Penang, Malaysia!

My hometown Penang, was recently awarded the covet title of  UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, about time! So great job by the promoters.  Penang is a state northwest of Peninsula Malaysia, the island Penang is where you will find the historic port city Georgetown.  Penang the name was derived from the Pinang trees , found bountiful on the island. Today it is fondly known as Pearl of the Orient.

Originally ruled by the kingdom state of Kedah, Penang was later ‘founded’ by colonist, Captain Francis Light in 1786 who was then employed by the British East India Company. It was later with the blessings of the British Empire, finally ceded to withhold Penang for its use as a trading port by paying 6,000 Spanish dollars per annum to the Sultan of Kedah. As a result, much of the architecture and buildings represent the British influence from the 18th Century, many still around today.

Why should Penang be a must for all travellers?

Her food , street food especially is unpretentious, cheap and delicious and

the unique Peranakan food

or just simply the good food around and about Penang

Her cultural heritage, a rich blend of east and west in the past, to the disappearing ethnic heritage fusion of Peranakan and the thriving 1 Malaysia today living in harmony.

Her people, almost everyone speaks or at least can understand English. Penangites are passionate folks, warm and very casual, non pretentious. However, like many around the world, when they get into a car, their behaviour may appear irrational! So watch out when you cross the roads, do not expect a car to stop for you, sad to say. So don’t say I did not warn you!

To read more on specific things to do and see, check out the following links:


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