Slight Name Change to this Blog

x y z lamp by daniel lorch

From “wandering kitchen” to “wandering nyonya”. As mentioned in my “Why not a blog?” :

….The apt title of  ‘Adventures of a Wandering Kitchen’ came about due to my constant move from one country to another the last 15 years. And since this blog will focus primarily on food and I love to cook, cultures and then travel, hence the name. Once in a while I tend to digress from the core subject matter – focusing on events I have experienced which I would like to share (and have absolutely nothing to do with food).

In June 2009, after an incidental comment exchange with Mr Dennis Kweh who has also Peranakan roots, it struck my mind that I should change the title of my blog slightly to ‘Adventures of  a Wandering Nyonya’ instead of ‘Kitchen’ in honour of my heritage. So thanks Dennis!