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I was born in Penang, Malaysia. I am 1/2 cantonese and 1/2 peranakan hokkien. My maternal grandparents were pure baba nyonyas and naturally so was my mother. With my ex company,  I have 12 yrs of experience in the maritime world mainly in the commercial functions (marketing, budgeting, pricing and product placement) and later on project management (incl process improvements, LEAN, Six Sigma trained Green Belt). Today I am with a manufacturing firm  – managing the transportation of parts moving out of Asia to globally, based in Singapore.


During those 16 years, I worked and lived abroad as a large part of my professional life. I have lived/worked in Denmark, USA, UAE, Italy and Singapore. I was based in Venice and have just recently reposted to Singapore. While in Venice, I learnt more about the Italian culture, language and their cooking. Travelling is my greatest love and cooking comes next!  Other things I enjoy includes reading, sports and practising the art of positive living. And since I love to travel and cook, I decided to create and dedicate this particular blog for my cooking and travel discoveries .

The original title of  ‘Adventures of a Wandering Kitchen’ came about due to my constant move from one country to another the last 15 years. And since this blog will focus primarily on food and cooking, cultures and then travel, hence the name. Once in a while I may digress from the core subject matter – focusing on events I have experienced which I would like to share (and have absolutely nothing to do with food).  In June 2009, after an incidental comment exchange with Mr Dennis Kweh who has also Peranakan roots, it struck my mind that I should change the title of my blog  to ‘Adventures of  a Wandering Nyonya’ instead of ‘Kitchen’ in honour of my heritage. So thanks Dennis!

Everywhere I go to, I find the  culinary heritage of each place to be very fascinating. How did a cuisine evolve and how did they develop and what influences were there? As much as I like to shape the future, the past is equally interesting. I love to explore the local produces too and how they have been prepared to their best in each region of the world. I am a firm supporter of eating locally – in the sense I refuse to eat Chinese when I am in Denmark, not that I am against cooking Korean in Denmark or Italian in Singapore, however to get to the soul of the food, the environment – sounds/smells and the sight plays a big part too in the ultimate consumption of a local meal in its own environment.

As a diner, I strive to choose restaurants that support my beliefs and eating responsibly in relation to the environment, the freshness of the produce and supporting local producers. Demanding fresh raspberries in the middle of December in London, being imported all the way from Chile leaves carbon footprints and you are paying so much more just to get that. Why not use the extra $$ to support local producers to ensure the freshest products, good quality and sustainable methods used to run a farm and the kitchen.

I wished there will be a ‘Slow Food’ wave in Malaysia especially the Orang Asli culinary heritage that many of us even Malaysians are not really aware of. There is so much to explore from a culinary perspective – back to our roots.

So there you go. I hope you find this an interesting read as much as I find it fun to share and write about. You are welcome to contact me by email –  yoonsyATyahooDOTcom if you have a question or want to reproduce any of my posts or copy the photos.


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dear Yoon Sui Yin, I just stumbled across your blog today and I am very excited for my discovery. Thank you for doing this. I have always used cooking and dining as a way to ‘travel’ even when I am tethered to one spot. It will be great fun cooking along with you. Best of luck in your new home, Georgia

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