Orange Blossom Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Yes this time, it was my godson’s birthday I have been commissioned to make a cake for. He is turning 8 this Thursday (today), and I have been busy today baking 2 cakes (2 x 10inch square cake) so that it will be ready to be iced by Wed and all set up before Thurs morning. Initially I intended to make a rainbow cake for him, after discussing back and forth with the very sensible little boy, we agreed on an orange cake. Too many colours scares him – artificial colouring, you see.

Now the little surprise is he does not know how the cake would look like. But the mother does, and we know he loves sailing and is very proud of it. Hence the cake will be nautical themed.. ! I do hope he will like it .  And I think he did.

We brought it to his school just before their recess break so that his classmates could sing him a birthday song. He looked happy and beaming, with all the flurry of activity around him.  He had goody bags to share with his classmates. I thought it was a good day for the little boy. He finally turned 8! 

The cake was made based loosely on TLC’s Orange Blossom Pound Cake by Carrie Biggers .  I followed the cake recipe to a T, making 2 batches from the recipe stated because my cake had to be 10 inches square wide and 3 inches high. Then I chose to sandwich the cake with fresh whipped cream, to offset the sweetness of the buttercream/cream cheese frosting on the outside.  As for the frosting, I followed loosely, halving the quantities in the recipe, and omitting the orange juice additions, while adding instead 3 tbp of water. Due to the humidity and heat here in Singapore, I had to make the buttercream stiffer than normally required. It helps to retain the forms of the decorations piped out. It was still rather soft despite reducing the liquids.

So careful planning went ahead to transport the cake. I think next time I will just have to stick to traditional buttercream icing, using half shortening and half butter and include meringue powder to get that neat smooth coating for the cake. This one did not give the same finishing look. At the same time, it did not hold as well as the buttercream with meringue powder.

This sailing boat themed cake had freshly squeezed orange juice, orange rind, pure orange blossom water, organic flour, fat free buttermilk, homemade cream cheese / buttercream icing and an old time favourite – polo mints. The buttermilk kept the cake moist and with a tender crumb.

An ode to the birthday boy, our little sailor –  may he always have tailwind in his endeavours.

A sailor went to sea, sea, sea

To see what he could see, see, see.

But all that he could see, see, see

Was  the deep blue sea, sea, sea


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