Red Velvet and Chocolate Heartache

I came across this book at Kinokuniya, the other day. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, I mean the recipes were about vegetables and rice flour, does not sound that appetising. Photos were cutesy very girly, not quite up my alley  – I mean a lot of odds stacking against it. I was more interested to know if this alternative way of making cakes can actually be TASTY, heck who cares if it is healthy or not?

I do have a confession to make though, the first thing that drew me to this book, was its gluten-free options of making a cake. The idea of combining aubergine in a chocolate cake, does perk my curiosity – that was the Chocolate Heartache.

Mustering enough courage and after a consultation or 2 with The Curious Baker, I got the book. It was a toss up between the Rosewater Fairy Cakes and the Lemon Drops.. Lemon Drops won.

How did the cake turn out? Fine in fact and they tasted very yummy. The only thing that I felt was amiss, was the quantity the recipe purported to make, ie 24 baby cupcakes. It only made 4 regular cupcakes when I tried it out. I tried the second time around and doubled the recipe, and I got approximately 10 regular cupcakes (8 if you fill it up to the brim).

Lemon Drops – (I used lemon buttercream icing instead of the icing glace suggested in the book)

  • 2 eggs
  • 200g finely grated courgette, (peeled – for finer texture or unpeeled – up to you)
  • 100 g castor sugar
  • 50 g rice flour
  • 100 g ground almond
  • 2 tsp of baking powder
  • 2 tsp lemon extract
  • 2 -3 large lemon unwaxed, grated for the peel
  • a pinch of salt

Preheat oven to 160 C. Lined the muffin/cupcake tins with cupcake papers

Whisk the eggs and sugar til pale and double in volume (3 minutes) . Mix in the finely grated courgette, well.

Add the flour, almond, essence, salt, baking powder and peel and continue mixing until well incorporated.

Pour into the paper cups,3/4 full. Bake in the oven for about 25 mins.

Buttercream Icing:

  • 50 g butter soften
  • 250g sifted icing sugar
  • 1 tbp of lemon juice
  • a tiny pinch of yellow colouring if you like it tinted yellow(optional)
  • extra grated lemon peel for decor

Whipped the butter til smooth, add in the lemon juice and continue whisking it for another minute. Slowly add in the sifted icing sugar, beat til incorporated. Spread the icing on top of the cooled cupcakes and sprinkle grated lemon zest on top.

4 thoughts on “Red Velvet and Chocolate Heartache

  1. You know, I gotta say, the book’s grown on me now, I think what happens with these cakes is that they taste better the next day or even the longer the leave them, the better they taste, they’re not the straight out the oven into your mouth kind. After icing the strawberries and cream, they were DEE-lish, I think I may post an adapted version on my blog, I’ll give you a shout once it’s up, I’ll be trying more over the weekend…

    • thanks for the feedback, i have not try further recipes from the book, but now I am more hopeful! 🙂 is it ok i link your blog to mine? appreciate it!

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