Singapore Floods

Car Park to the Rolex building on Orchard Road, lorry half submerged

Well my attempt to celebrate the start of the Rice Dumpling Festival and to hunt down some of them ended up rather eventful. By chance I was down in Orchard Road around 10am to check out the kicthen wares at Tangs on sale. Chaos began to unfold and for many unbelieving watched as the torrential rain continued to pour and certain spots along this famous shopping street started to flood. Check out this post

I stayed indoors most of the time as it was simply too heavy a rain to venture out., hence I was unaware how bad the flood has become. Truth be told, I was too busy in Kinokuniya reading cookbooks, after my visit to Tang’s to realise what was unfolding outside.

One of the basement shops at Lucky Plaza, grill gate torn down due to the gushing rainwater

Finally around 1130am, I managed to make my way out towards Paragon. But as I was passing Lucky Plaza, crowds were forming and taking photos of the basement – it was completely flooded. All shops at the lower level, were closed – shop assistants ready to open for business today, could not do much but try to salvage what they could while most stood there in disbelief.

Acqua Alta – Singapore style , at Lucky Plaza

Car broke down in the middle of Orchard Road, after going through the floodwaters at ION junction

What an eventful day! Chinatown has to be postponed.  I was anxious to get back home for a good hot shower after being completely soaked wet knee down, with my shoes covered with rainwater and dirt.

I did get some chang, at Tang’s Market Place , 2 hokkien bak chang and 2 cantonese yellow bean chang, to commemorate the festival.

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