Seagate Coast Road

Just some of the food trips made while in Penang last week. A few quick posts recapping my experiences, nothing beats a lazy sunday afternoon, hanging out at Seagate Coastal Road in Penang, with a view of Pulau Jerejak while seating underneath the casuarina trees sipping coconut water and eating goreng ubi or pisang (fried bananas or sweet potatoes).

One of the many stalls and places to relax with your fresh coconut juice.  The island in the backdrop is Pulau Jerejak

A stall selling coconuts

Fishing boats moored closeby

A family of geese, at the nearby coconut plantation

Fish kerepek

Goreng ubi, fried sweet potatoes

Goreng pisang, fried bananas

ps Since you are around the neighbourhood, for those of you who loves mee kuah and mee goreng Penang style (Mee Pitchai), do check out Medan Suri Sungei Nibong (next to the mosque at Lip Sin, opposite the rumah orang tua Jubilee). They are open from lunch through late evening. Best time to come is around 3-4pm for your afternoon snack!


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