Laksa in Penang

Further on about my food trip in Penang, I finally had time to check out the famous Penang Laksa stall in Jelutong. It was a very hot afternoon, and having laksa at that time is really asking for it. With the spicy fish soup dunking deep fried springrolls into it, was heavenly but a torture at the same time. I left a bucket of sweat on my seat when I got up, I promised you. But it was all worth it. Nothing beats laksa with spring rolls, eaten the true Penangite way.

The stall is in fact a van, parked at the roadside, just after you turn into the small road before the Jelutong Post office if you are coming from Gelugor on Jalan Jelutong. Manned by 3 ladies (sensed the irony?) , they only sell their yummy laksa in the afternoons.. see no choice but for me to eat it in the heat.


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