Strawberry Cake

I was asked to make a birthday cake for a 5 year old. I jumped in with 2 feet at the chance as it was for my BFF’s daughter’s birthday at her kindy. Then realisation and stress hit home. I panicked. Taking several gulps of air, I decided to attack it in methodical way. Plan, Research and then Execute. I knew one thing though, the cake had to be pink. So that was a start.

Trying to find a delicious pink cake, a thought pop into my head, why not a strawberry cake? Yes why not? Strawberries yum… and it will be (naturally)a pink cake, bestest combination. So where do you find a recipe for a strawberry cake? None of my baking cake books had it. It was back to the world wide web.

After much research, I kept getting the Paula Deen’s version of white cake mix plus jello.. not quite what I was looking for. Finally I came across this Strawberry Cake recipe (courtesy of Smitten Kitchen’s – Pink Lady Cake and  made it – the cake mixing method adopted from Rose Levenbaum’s Red Velvet Cake).  It was the crushed- strawberries- mixed- into -a -white -cake -batter – way I went, yes fully agreeing with many of the back to basics food bloggers.  

Staying with the ‘natural’ concept (and I am a bit anti-Princess which is so popular these days with young girls aged 3-8) , I made a garden themed decoration with flowers, bees and lady bugs!  The cake is sandwiched with fresh whipped cream combined with 3 tbp of raspberry jam and iced with homemade buttercream frosting.

Admittedly, this is my first attempt at a public display of my cake baking and decorating abilities – ah.. very stressful you know, uncertainty and constant worry, how well (and also decorating wise with buttercream) it will turn out.  A lot of planning went into it. Baked the cake a week earlier to make sure the taste and texture is right. Had a tasting panel consisting of myself and my poor husband who had to suffer through much of my experiments – some days were better than otthers. It passed the test. So the recipe was alright to go for Friday. Then I drew up the plan on where the flowers, bees and ladybugs will be placed and which colour combination to use.

To make it even more special, I wrote up a little poem to commemorate the theme and the little darling’s special day. I hope she likes her birthday cake from Aunty Sui Yin – yes I am a worry wart and sometimes paying too much attention to details. Honestly, I am terribly fond of her, and yes I do want her to have a very special cake on her very special day.

Well everything has to start somewhere, so here goes  and fingers crossed, that the cake will be a hit with the little ones and the mommy (who is probably too sweet and supportive to tell me otherwise) is happy with it too.

ps – indeed the little girl and 24 of her classmates loved her cake! Phew…

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