Final Cake Decorating Class

By now, I should be an expert on buttercream roses, well I am getting there. For our final day at class today, we all had to make a cake, torte it , frosted and prepare decorations for the cake. Part of the compulsory item is the rose. We had to make 5!

I even had ants all over the floor yesterday, while trying to perfect my wilton rose. Imagine how stressful that was. I managed to clean the kitchen up and my roses improved somewhat – incredible feat considering I was so stressed out on Tuesday when I made a batch of icing to practise on the roses. I still think I have an issue with my homemade icing, too stiff as the petals kept breaking up at the edges. I have to get better at it.  That is for another day.

So I made 10 roses, baked a cake, torte and iced it and ready for today. Here is the finale cake – decorating went slightly overboard!

The cake before I went overboard


And now after

That is just the beginning, I hope more professional looking cakes are to come – but for now I am taking a short break from buttercream! 🙂


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