Kuih Bangkit

Aiyah, complete disaster – the problem with old family recipe no one has tried for a LONG time, you know when you see the recipe goes like this (see below), 40 cents santan 20 years ago is very different from today – my mom agak agak would be 2 cups of santan. Anyway result of all this agak agak , became a pancake like batter – not to mention the arrowroot flour I bought from Phoon Huat was not fresh, did not help the baking process further.

I hope to find other alternative baking supplier, as I am not too impressed with Phoon Huat to be honest – because what they have appear lacklustre in quality and too many industrial baking products. I am after pure vanilla, lemon, almond extract, natural colourings – you get the drift.

I need to source other suppliers, I found one potential but at ION Orchard, 360 Market Place –  price though is also boutiquish lah as it is a ‘gourmet’ foodstore but not quite complete for an ardent baker..(like different flours, bakewares, baking tools, etc) so the search continues including the perfect Kuih Bangkit.

Sigh.. so for this CNY, I would have to settle and rely on my mom’s friends, who has bought a small tin of Kuih Bangkit from someone’s family in Balik Pulau, Penang which are apparently very good.  I am so looking forward to it, since it has been almost 2 years I  have last eaten a Kuih Bangkit!

Kuih Bangkit 

  • 4 oz arrowroot flour (113 g)
  • 12 oz tapioca flour (340g)
  • 40cents thick santan
  • 16 oz sugar (450g)
  •  3 eggs

Fry lightly arrowroot + tapioca flour or in oven 170degrees C for 20-25 mins. Cool it. Add santan – Use hand to mix..bit by bit…until pliable, but not too soft.. Then with a mixer, beat eggs+ sugar , before adding to the above , again bit by bit. Dough should be kneadable.. Knead well until dough is white. Place in mould, make sure mould is well coated with flour, knock out excess flour. Press dough into mould and knock lightly out each cake pieces and place on a baking tray. Bake at 160-170degrees C for about 10-15 mins, bottom lightly golden.

I will be attempting it again, probably after CNY to get the recipe right and will share it on my blog when mission accomplished!


2 thoughts on “Kuih Bangkit

  1. when u attempt it again… remember to reveal your recipe to me! this is my most loved kuih for CNY… my silly said that according to some pantang larang, i can’t make any kuih/cakes this year… 😦

    anyway… i’ve never made any kuih for CNY… but I tried a banana cake for dana last Sat. & it turned out well… 😉 [myth busted]

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