Unpacking Madness

Don’t ask me how we do it – this constant moving, not just house but different country each time.  Last year in Jan we were in Venice, this year we are in Singapore. We must be mad – I have to agree with that conclusion. Many think we can cope with the stress because we are by now experts in relocating.. but the honest truth is you do get better at it, in some sense, but it does not reduce the stress emotionally and physically you experience. 

Routine is relaxing, so your mind can concentrate on other aspects in your life, when you don’t have a routine, your brain activity is just full speed non stop – searching what to do next, where can I get this and that, what happens if this does not work, how does this work … examples: looking for a home to figuring out the traffic patterns of your new place, where the doctors are , hospitals, etc.  AND add that to the fact if you’ve just moved to a country that does not speak any language you know!  Just imagine those families with kids relocating at the same time – I don’t envy them. Their stress must be tenfold of ours! Constant moving takes its toll on everyone irregardless of experience. But I must say the best mental attitude towards it is to accept it and only focus on each small step of the way – bit by bit you will find out that you have settled in faster than you thought.

Back to the unpacking madness – we are in the midst of it. Hopefully soon all will be in place and we can enjoy our new home and me finding my little career niche in Singapore and get back to some baking adventures soon!


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