One of the latest malls, Ion Orchard

Our new home – Singapore. Great to be back, close to home and my family. Not to mention I missed the kaleidoscopic array of food cultures and the easy access to them here. You wonder why so many Singaporeans love eating – being here you will understand why.

Every nook and corner you turn, there is a food establishment of some sort. You can find breakfast type of food to lunch and dinner and all the snack types you can think of, for the in-between meals. To be fair, despite this abundance of food, you don’t see that many overweight people around, although research and the local newspaper are reporting a rise in obesity and diabetes amongst the younger population. It is a serious concern and a problem many countries are struggling with. The abundance mainly because it is in the culture to grab your meals out as people are busy working til late and have in fact no time to cook at home. Rather a sad development I must say – although one can argue, is this alternative better than boring tv dinners/over processed fast foods you find very common in other nations?

December – the month where Singapore gets all dressed up with christmas decorations and shops get into the mood to encourage people to buy more this time of the year with offers everywhere (besides being a major tourist attraction). The last time I was in Singapore was about a year ago, since then there has been an addition of 4 major malls which have just recently opened – ION Orchard, Orchard Central, 313 @ Somerset and VivoCity. Retail therapy can’t get any better or more exhausting. I suspect that is the other major past time of many Singaporeans ( I can almost hear someone saying ‘of course lah’)

We are slowly settling in, got the necessary permits made , found our home and now just waiting for the container to arrive and we can unpack (again) and truly settle in to our new home – I am already tired thinking of it but it just has got to be done you know, so I just try not to think too much about it. Makes sense? Getting things set up in Singapore is ( I have to admit) a breeze except for mobile phones, internet broadband and cable tv (apparently now Singtel got the rights to main sports channel next year from Starhub – while Starhub has the other entertainment channel).

Queue at Suntec

I was in fact on my way to Starhub at Cuppage Plaza, passed the M1 shop in Paragon and my jaw almost dropped – seeing the queue for purchasing IPhones (overheard the wait could take up to 5 hours). Until yesterday, only Singtel was allowed to sell IPhones, now Starhub and M1 (the other 2 telcos) are selling them too and at a pretty competitive package. However I always hate going through all the phone plans as they are a headache to figure out what combinations you need and if indeed you save some money. Besides Singapore is one of the few countries you have to pay for incoming calls to your mobile phone! Can you believe it?

For now, as far as I am concerned these days – I am just tucking into local/Asian food especially Japanese. I would love to hear from other Singaporeans if they have any good recommendations for some yummy local malay, chinese, peranakan, indian or other Asian food hangouts. Nothing beats a local’s recommendation. Thank you! So have I missed Venice yet?  Well, maybe a little..


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