Rialto Market Days

It is always sad when leaving a place after all , a place which has been your home. Particularly for me, I will miss my friends from the market, they helped my stay and days be brighter. Any where one goes, it is always touching when one has been accepted by the local folks , for me it was at the market  plus a few cafes and being treated more of a local than a tourist. Like when you start to get parsley for free and they round down your purchase rather than rounding up. Not to mention they are careful not to pass you inferior goods, so you get better quality products.

I will miss all the interesting produces in season and their best advice on how to prepare them. Not to mention they helped me with my italian too, introducing  new words to me, the latest was ‘suocera’ – mother in law! hahah!

butcher marino

Butcher – Ragazzi Marino


La Batta, Salumi e Formaggi Negozio (ham & cheese shop) – 3 guys , Davide, Stefano and Piero

market vege1

Family run vegetable and fruit seller (one of the kindest people in the market!) You find  them only from Tue-Sat and there is an owl on his cashier machine!

market vege 2
My other vege and fruit supplier – more variety in terms of herbs and salads. Also great people!

Map of rialto

Map of where they are at the Rialto Market , circled green.

As for fish and seafood, just go around and see what they have and compare prices. Although I usually go to the ones facing the fruit and vegetable market, occasionally you find fresher and the type of fish YOU want from the others. It is worth walking around and see what you like before buying.

Arrivederci tutti!


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