Back to Asia


After 15 months in Venice, we will be packing again, in 8 days time. This time we are moving to Singapore. Definitely closer to home for me and happy to be seeing close friends and family again. But I must confess, I will miss Venice’s quirkiness and troubles and Italy’s moodswings.

On Sat, I will make my rounds to say goodbye to the kindly butcher and vegetable sellers who have been my contact to the Venetian world introducing me to so many wonderful local produces. I will definitely miss them.We are also thankful for having had a good time in Venice and blessed with no major sickness or accidents.

As we enter a new chapter of our lives, we will look back fondly on our time here in Venice. I hope Venice will take care of herself and her visitors will too so that the future travellers will still be able to inhale the magic of bygone times.

We are looking forward to Singapore and for me, to venture into more Peranakan cooking and the local kuihs. As for travel destinations, there are plentiful we can explore leisurely. It is also an excellent opportunity to be able catch up with friends and family alike and spend more time together, something we miss a lot due to our constant move .  

For the last time, hugs and kissess – from Venice.

san marco 3067

san marco

Our home in Venice/ address: San Marco 3067 , 3 piano, 30124 Venezia, Italia

View from the Grand Canal over Palazzo Barnabo’s baroque gardens.

2 thoughts on “Back to Asia

  1. Sui Yin,
    Happy New Year, my friend. I hope that all is well and that getting to Singapore is seamless. While taking a look at the updates I noticed Henrik’s new position in Singapore and then took a look at your updates from Venice. It sounds like you truly enjoyed it and I love the pictures.
    All is well on the other side of the world. Alison and I are still in Portland, enjoying family and friends and welcoming in 2010.
    Best to Henrik and enjoy all of the wonderful food and let me know what wine you recommend with spicy noodles if you get a chance.

    • hi dave, happy new year to you and your family. We are slowly settling into our new place – still a fair bit of organising to do. as for wine suggestion : sushi is great with prosecco, chenin blanc and as for spicy food – i wud recommend Gewurstraminer or Vinho Verde (Portugal). :o)

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