Mad About Macarons


Paulette Macarons

The world it seemed has gone mad about macarons.  I don’t blame her, I am too. Cupcake craze is yesterday  – today they are these dainty sweets. Both are rather similar, pretty to look at and heavenly in taste – although not entirely the same thing, one is a cake while the other is , well a macaron, light as a feather and yet it can satisfy your sweet craving to the fullest.

I have to admit I am more fascinated by the way they look and I love their diverse fillings and somehow they don’t feel as heavy as your regular cupcake. I guess it does depend on what craving you are trying to fulfill. They are made of sugar, egg whtes and finely ground almonds and you can add a variety of flavours and colours to them. As for the filling, any combination you can think of , I supposed goes!

Of course they are french – and they are all over the place today. Thank god for that. Some interesting recommended macaron shops around are:

If you find others worth trying out, do drop me a note, a macaron crawl is in the waiting..


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