Madeleine’s Madteater


In 20 days we are packing for our next posting, this time to Singapore. This weekend though, we will make a quick hop over to one of my favourite cities of the world – Copenhagen to see family and friends before our final departure to the Far East. Which came to mind, a different, interesting dining experience I should share with you. For those of you who love food and are looking for something a little more unusual (no, not like eating scorpions or strange body parts of animals) but a rather nouvelle way of dining where you get to taste and almost play with your food.

When visiting Madeline’s Madteater, I felt like Alice in Wonderland attending one of Madhatter’s tea parties. It is like having all your senses bombarded at the same time, with the core focus still being food. By the way, it is not really a MAD THEATRE but a food theatre (play of words, as ‘mad’ means food in danish).

Madeline’s Madteater is a unique and unusual culinary experience with experimental theatrics thrown in to heighten one’s experience with the subject – food. Depending on the theme, the diners have no choice but to get involved.

This one, run by some danish people – decided to combine food and theatrics to heighten our senses while dining.  ‘The Senses’ was the theme I attended 4 years back with a friend. We had Gotan Project playing in the background, and a white screen surrounding us with dancers sprawling across it while having our appetisers – candy beetroot dipped in salt! Check their website out :


The people behind Madeleine’s are Mette Sia Martinussen and Nikolaj Danielsen as they work together with other well known chefs, scientists and musicians to create this masterful dining experience. 

Madeline’s Madteater has been focusing mainly on all five senses as their main theme. Their latest project, however requires their guests fast on the day of their visit, to encourage physical and spiritual nourishment combining with taste to produce an even more heightened dining experience. Crazy? Yeah but fun and you actually get to eat some good food too.


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