Baked Cheese Cake


Personally I am not a big fan of cheesecakes and especially those with a biscuit base or the refridgerated sorts. The only exception I’d make, is the baked cheesecake with a sponge base. Finally after 3 months of search I found it on Nigella Lawson’s site. So straight to the kitchen yesterday I went and baked one! I had the ingredients on hand, I always keep a tub of cream cheese or mascarpone in the fridge anyways. Beside I was on a mission, so nothing to delay me further I dived into it.

Verdict:  Easier than expected although the tricky part was folding the egg whites, I was very careful.  The cake when done, sank 1/3 of the original size (after baking) somewhat, but luckily tastewise and its texture  was rather good and there were no uncooked or dense parts in the cake which can occur sometimes. Frankly,  I have no luck with folding egg whites into any batter, that is why I avoid making sponge cakes or chiffon cake. The cake  is moist, light and has a lovely lemony flavour to it.

Here is the recipe :


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