Restaurant Recommendations


photo from La Cucina, IT

Honestly as much as I love food and cooking, I enjoy (equally) dining out and the special experience. Sometimes reviews help while some disappoint. Anyways – through out the years travelling , I have only collected business cards of places I thought were worthy enough to come back for a second time. 

With the constant moving the last few years, I am starting to misplace these business cards. AND just basically I need to get myself more organised for future reference or a friend’s, the time is now before I lose more cards or my memory as I progress with age each year!

Therefore I have started under my blogroll (right hand side) – to list down my favourites. You may very well notice that I have not listed as many ‘local’ malaysian eating places. It is simply because we excel in streetfood and great food can be found in your neighbourhood corner coffee shops /stalls . It can also be tricky because these stalls do not really have a specific time or spots, sometimes they move 50 metres away from their usual spot for whatever reason. Us locals are just able to sniff them out , so my best advise to you is – get to know a local or be friendly with one who would kindly point out to you where to go for your best ‘hainanese chicken rice’ or ‘roti canai’ stall the next time you are in town or someone’s neighbourhood!

Happy eating and Happy travels

NB – please note these recommendations are based on personal opinions and in no way a part of any advertisement on behalf of these establishments.

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