I Cannoli Siciliani



Photo from http://www.croce-delizia.blogspot.com

Finally we watched the trilogy ” The Godfather” – how appropriate, the fact we are based in Venice today, ok, ok , probably more so if we had been living in Palermo or somewhere in Sicily. I think what was most amazing besides watching this classic of a family drama of the Corleone family, was seeing the actors especially Al Pacino aging perfectly for each part of the trilogy as Michael Corleone. Ottimo!

Unfortunately I could not forget the cannoli they kept serving up in the movie.  Not likely I will be going to Sicily in the very near future hence the hunt for a cannoli recipe has begun. I found a few youtube videos but since I do not have any aluminium cannoli tubes, I would just have to wait for another day when I’ve managed to get my hands on some, that or an actual box of cannoli from Sicily, whichever comes first – hopefully the latter, so I know how an authentic and very good cannolo tastes like . Why? So that 1) I can compare with the generic cannoli I have tried to see what standard I should judge a perfect cannolo to be 2) and should I be brave enough to make them meself.. how far I am from perfection. As for the recipe, there are several on the internet – hmm this I suspect will be a long on-going project.

For now I just have to settle with this photo  from a beautiful food blog (unfortunately in Italian) I stumbled upon while looking for a cannoli recipe.


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