Summer 2009 – Europe Roadtrip Part 4


Le Petit Chateau with Mme Laye , the last morning

29th July 2009 – Day 7

Left around 10am from our B&B at Normandie for Ghent, Belgium.  But first, a stop by the local store to get 2 bottles of French red wine (Merrain Rouge MEDOC 2003) and a bottle of Calvados. The drive that morning took us approx 5 hours with a stop for lunch to Ghent.


We arrived in Ghent around 4pm that day. It was cloudy and looked like it would rain. Took about 20 mins to find our B&B – Artigand within walking distance to the medieval town centre.  Ghent was awarded 3rd place by the National Geographic Traveller Magazine for most authentic destination, only being preceded by Austria’s Wachau Valley and the area around the Rideau Canal in Ontario, Canada! Today besides tourism, Ghent is also a thriving university town with lots of young people around and about.

For more information on Ghent please go to this site:

Ghent has an annual summer music festival which we missed by 2 days with concerts and DJs holding performances for 10 days. When we got there, we saw workmen busy pulling down the temporary stages.

Funnily our B&B room , the Japanese Room, there were several original paintings by famous impressionists. One here is in our bathroom, a sketch by Manet. The owner explained that in his family several original art pieces by famous artists have exchanged hands through his father and friends and they were at that time still reasonably priced. These original pieces have thus remained in the family – now handed down to him .


For dinner I had moules-frites – mussels in white wine served with french fries.


Time passes really fast when you are having fun and have a lot to see.

Bye-bye Ghent..and hello Denmark!

30th July 2009 – Day 8

After breakfast , we were ready to go on the road again.  This time we had 9.5 hours drive to Copenhagen. So it was a long day ahead travelling. Close to Hamburg we got caught in an awful traffic where we were stuck for about 1 hour in all at the snail pace driving. No choice.. fingers crossed, after Hamburg, it was a smooth drive towards Denmark.

jam hamburg

Traffic in the outskirts of Hamburg

Finally at 9pm we arrived at Henrik’s parents place. We left 10am at Ghent, due to the traffic jam in Hamburg and our stops during the drive it took us 11 hours to cover 950kms. Dead tired, we slept very well that night and were happy we got back safely to Denmark. It was nice to be with family again!


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