Summer Annoyance


It does get really hot here in Northern Italy during the late summer months. Many would hope to enjoy the evenings sitting outside while having a meal, sometimes can turn out to be completely spoilt by these pesky insects – mosquitoes.  Unfortunately for me, I am equally sensitive to any insect bites and hence when I got bitten badly in Treviso last weekend (by the dreaded tiger mosquitoes  – luckily I did not develop  fever or any other acute symptoms) – I did not realise how bad until 24 hours later. They swelled like there was no tomorrow with horrendous red rings around them – completely inflammed!

The painful acidic itchy like feeling persisted through out the night – preventing me from having a good night sleep for 2 days. Finally I gave in  and since the redness and itch around the bitten areas did not seem to subside,  I went to a pharmacy. I was given anti-histamine (10mg once a day) and hydrocortisone cream to apply on the affected areas (3 times a day).  Do remember though when taking anti-histamine, it induces drowsiness and you should avoid alcohol while hydrocortisone is sensitive to the sun, so stay away from direct sunlight.

After the 2nd day(of taking the medication), the bite marks on my arms had subsided but not my legs. Although antihistamine helped, it did not eliminate the inflammation and poison around the affected areas on my legs as they were still red. I continued but then stopped taking it after the 5th day as I could not see any improvement. Getting worried I looked up on the internet further, I found there is a good tea concoction to detoxify the blood and tea trea oil should be applied on the bitten areas. Tea tree oil worked wonders I must say – I stopped using the hydrocortisone cream and only applied tea-tree oil. 2-3 times a day. Stop the tea-tree oil application once the spots are no longer red and has turned dark.

As for the detox tea (a natural alternative to antibiotics) , here is the exact herbs/plants/roots used with the help of a local herbalist here:
Echinacea root 40g
Dandelion 40g
Peppermint 20g
Artichokes 20g
Licorice 10g

Make the infusion – 4 small spoons to 1 ltr of hot water. Drink it throughout the day and make sure you drink lots of water too. After drinking 2 ltrs of this concoction in one day, on the following day I found there was an improvement to the marks on my legs – they were no longer red but took a darker shade and were no longer itchy.

However with bites like that, they normally leave awful dark patches on the skin especially like mine. For anti scarring ,  I am still doing a research on it – but it appears retinol and vitamin A & E* will help the skin heal and reduce the scarring and dark spots. The alternative natural options are several – from Emu Oil, Coconut Oil to Rosehip (Rosa Mosqueta) . I haven’t decided which natural alternatives to use yet . Since I do have a bottle of concentrated Rosa Mosqueta oil, I will experiment a bit for the next days.

Hope the above helps those who have the same senstive skin as I have with insect bites.

As usual prevention would have been better – so I now go around with repellents! I have one with a small amount of DEET, combined with Lemon Eucalyptus or Citronella oils.

* 1 week later – Vit E concentrated from natural plants, I got a bottle from Planet Organics in Nottinghill and it worked well on my scarring and bites. Tea Tree oil is again a great antiseptic , both combinations worked well on my skin

One thought on “Summer Annoyance

  1. I got some awesome bite a week or two ago so did some research and bout Emu Oil concentrate from I popped a bit of that on the SIX bites on my legs and instantly the itching went and the swelling went down.

    They are practically gone now and it doesn’t look as if they’ll be any scarring.

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