Invitation to Biennale opening


The NYC Pool opening party


Palazzo Barnabo/Malipiero

Here is a tip – how to get an invitation to attend an opening Biennale party? Normally the press and the art critics plus sponsors are the ones that get to attend the opening parties of the major galleries and pavillions. But for us mere folks, you can also join one if you know where to look. May not the big gala events but hey it is still nice to meet face to face the artists who are exhibiting their works around Venice for the Biennale.

inviteA few days prior to the opening normally 3-4 days before the advertised official opening to the public, you should wander around the galleries that are housing the exhibition. In my case I stumbled upon the Luxemborg Pavillion at Ca-Del Duca which is located on Corte Del Duca Sforza , San Marco.  There was a stand just outside the gallery where brochures and invites were laid out. I was asking around about the exhibit and was given an invitation there with several brochures about the artists involved. This year their exhibition is called Collision Zone, photographs by Gast Bouschet and Nadine Hilbert.

There you go – so that is the tip, try your luck and check out some of the venues listed on the Biennale events and no doubt you too will get invited to one of the openings. Good luck!


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