53rd Biennale Venezia, Italia


Titled ‘Fare Mondi’ or ‘ Making Worlds’ and will be running from 6th June-22nd November 2009 – the Biennale in Venice is an annual event showcasing contemporary art in their various forms ranging from dance, theatre, music, cinema, art and architecture (<-which is bi-annual, by the way). Started in 1895 as a biennial exhibition of Italian art. It now has more than 100 years of history and has grown internationally, to be a world well renowned event for her International Film festival, International Art exhibition, Architecture exhibition, Festival of Contemporary music, International Theatre festival and 10 years ago , the Dance festival was added.

Countries from all over the world set up exhibition stalls all over Venice. There are 90 artists participating from 77 countries. The main pavillions would be in Arsenale and Giardini. The remaining are housed in various galleries or pallazzi. This year’s curator is the youngest, a Swede name David Birnbaum whose ideas should make this another exciting biennale.

“The title of the exhibition, Fare Mondi // Making Worlds – says Director Daniel Birnbaum – expresses my wish to emphasize the process of creation. A work of art represents a vision of the world and if taken seriously it can be seen as a way of making a world. The strength of the vision is not dependent on the kind or complexity of the tools brought into play. Hence all forms of artistic expression are present: installation art, video and film, sculpture, performance, painting and drawing, and a live parade. Taking ´worldmaking´ as a starting point, also allows the exhibition to highlight the fundamental importance of certain key artists for the creativity of successive generations, just as much as exploring new spaces for art to unfold outside the institutional context and beyond the expectations of the art market. Fare Mondi // Making Worlds is an exhibition driven by the aspiration to explore worlds around us as well as worlds ahead. It is about possible new beginnings—this is what I would like to share with the visitors of the Biennale.”

To see more details please view the following link to their official site : http://www.labiennale.org/en/art/index.html

Malaysian Pavillion

However, no Malaysian pavillion – which makes me wonder, why? I should think it would be a great platform to showcase our artists in the international scene and promote their work.  There are exhibition pavillions for art works from countries like Syria, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand but not Malaysia!!!  Why ? Why?

Film competition for young Malaysian film-makers – anyone?

Anyways, I found out there is a competition for independent short films for filmmakers ranging from 18-26yrs of age. Spread the word around and if any young malaysian filmmakers in that age group who are interested – do go check this out!

All the best!


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