Rialto Market


I love wet markets, where one can find fresh produces paraded each morning. Such a market is a treasure trove for those who enjoy cooking and want to know what they are eating – and the Rialto Mercato fits the bill!

Back home in Penang, wet markets are still thriving – thank god for that. For some countries, it is getting harder to find wet markets as hypermarket have taken over the process chain of supplying our daily fresh ingredients , prepacked and sometimes lacking in variety and quality. (**For wet markets in Penang, check out Chowrasta Market, Pulau Tikus Market, Perak Road Market in the morning, while in the afternoon you can go to the Batu Lanchang Market)


Above a photo of bovoleti, tiny sea snails normally cooked in parsley, garlic and olive oil.

In Italy, they are very much still around. Hence, my alternate morning ritual in Venice, would be off to Rialto to find out what interesting produce in season they are offering that day. The Rialto market is quite complete, from fresh fruits and vegetables to seafood and butchers. There are also 2 cheese and cold meat shops around the corner. At a nearby square you can find an organic store if you are looking for tofu, soya milk, organic grains, rice , etc. and organic bread.  Not too far off  we have an old spice/tea shop called Mascari – good stop when I run out of spices or tea or a 30- year old sherry.

In my experience if you are living in Venice or are in Venice, looking for some fresh meats/fruits or vegetable produce Rialto is the best place for the variety you get, the freshness and the price.

Remember no fish on Sundays and Mondays – and on Mondays there is a flea market /antiques held there in the mornings. Best days to visit the market is Tue-Sat from 8am-12noon. Have a look at some of the wonderful photos of the Rialto market.


Fiori di zucca and artichokes from Sant’ Erasmo above


Canoce – a typical crustacean found in the Venetian lagoon, known for their sweet flesh

2 thoughts on “Rialto Market

  1. Canoce looks like the shrimp that we have in HK! And it’s very nice if you do it with salt and pepper (the asian way with the “wok fire”!)

    • it would be dangerous to make a wok fire in my venice kitchen… neighbours will be very afraid! but at least they get to try canoce HKG style! lol

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