40s Catamaran Race, Venice


Day 1 – 15th May 2009. The word ‘regatta’ originated from Venice, so it is just appropriate that Venice was chosen for the first time to host the 40s Catamaran race and the host for the first race of the season 2009. In collaboration with city of Venice , Compagna della Vela and other sponsors from the region – the race runs from 15th-17th May 2009.  There will be 10 teams consisting of 40-50 of the world’s best sailors in total from all around. Quite a star studded collection with experiences from Olympics, Americas Cup and World Championships.

As a spectator, the race can be watched in close distance, along the Riva dei Sette Martiri (i.e. the stretch along San Marco basin from Arsenale to Giardini). The catamarans sailed zigzag and at a stage came quite close to the shoreline.

It was drizzling with light winds on this first day – there was a VIP lounge set up (Villagio dell’ Evento) for the sponsors and where the crew could rest. The race was slightly delayed in starting – around 1530hr. There was a collision, a late start and a good run for BMW Oracle, after 5 races came out tops on the first day. Second in line, was Gitana-Rothschild and third was Masirah. More races to come in the next 2 days – and I am hoping for better winds and a slightly drier weather than today.

The official site: http://www.isharescup.com/venice/en.asp



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