Salma Hayek’s big fat (venetian) wedding

April 25th 2009 – San Marco’s day (also the day Venetian men as tradition hand out roses to their beloved ladies). Coincidentally (or not) – the same day was chosen by Salma Hayek and Francois Henri Pinault to tie the knot for the 2nd time in Venice, held in La Fenice. Stars and some megastars descended upon us in Venice.  Bono, Edward Norton, Charlize Theron, former French President Jacques Chirac, Anna Wintour, Penelope Cruz, Stella McCartney were amongst the guests attending Salma’s and Francois Henri’s venetian nuptials.

salma wed

The day before the wedding party at La Fenice, they held a masked ball at Punta Della Dogana where Francois Pinault (the father in law) won the commission to convert the place to an art gallery – opening on June 6th 2009 as the Pinault Foundation Centre of Contemporary Art. 

Francois Pinault is also the president of Palazzo Grassi here in Venice – he bought a controlling stake (80% share, the rest is held by the city of Venice) in 2006 from the Fiat group Agnelli family. Today Palazzo Grassi hosts several paintings from the private collection of the Pinault family.

** photos above taken by AP & Getty –

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