A new dawn?

It went out with a bang.. and there goes the financial and banking sectors as we know it before. Some rules are bound to be changed and a new framework established. It has not just impacted our business world, it has started a whole new introspection of ourselves as individuals that was lacking before. We asked ourselves how we have lived our lifes, what / who values most to us in these troubled times – do we need the materialistic accesses we have been pursuing?

The dawning of a new era, or in astrological terms – we are entering the Capricorn age as the Aquarius age ends (based on retrogade geometric order of the signs). Some astrologers meant that we are entering the Aquarius age, and Pluto entered Capricorn in Nov 2008 – about the same time the recent economic crisis started.  You see, Pluto symbolises destruction and Capricorn is the sign of economics and business and the dependency on oil. With the soon beginning of the Aquarian age, we are starting to see some changes to what we once knew.

On the positive note Capricorn should bring us the highest ideals from heaven, the old fashion values as we almost forgot are being rekindled. Discipline, order, responsibilities, strong emphasis on family values, prudence and hard work. Capricorn has the power to create a standard of the way things are supposed to be. This framework of the new paradigm involves every part of our lives. The new dawn could be Aquarius as the Aquarian Age represents new ideas, new inventions, new rules, new systems of government to support I supposed a possible new world order.

Possibly that is what we need, a new way of looking at our world today and a constant reminder of the values we may have forgotten – or forsaken as greed and selfishness took over while our individual egos grew. Aquarius is about brotherhood, humanity, philanthropy and working together.

Capricorn is a very powerful sign. However there is also the flip side with Pluto in Capricorn as it exerts its influence, that is the tendency of over domination and over judgemental ideals that are imposed on us by either governments and people in influential positions. If uncheck there could be domination through a distortion of Aquarian Age principles. Where the words will be of unity, oneness and freedom for all. But the reality will be increased domination and control with punitive measures against those who question.

In November 2009, Saturn will move to Libra, the sign of relationships, diplomacy, and balance. We will have the opportunity and the collective awareness to fix all that remains unbalanced between nations, between masculine and feminine, and to restore the ultimate equilibrium between Yin and Yang. Will we realise that and let Saturn guide us in these troubled times with Pluto in Capricorn and as we approach the Age of Aquarius? Could it possibly be a new dawn?


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