Romanian food

450px-romanian_flag_svgRomanian food has Turkish, Greek, Hungarian, Austrian and Balkan influences. This week, my friend Camelia had her aunt Nina and her good friend Mirela, both from Bucharest visiting and they made us a lovely romanian dinner.

First of all, I must emphasise the warmthness of the Romanians are amazing and they are very good cooks. Traditional food making is very much well preserved in Romania – they grow their own fruits, vegetables and herbs. They also make their own jams, pickled vegetables and plum wine! Romanians are blessed with a fertile land and having being self sufficient for a long time, they are content with what they have and home food has flourished due to the lack of outside influences. They eat a lot of meat but also a lot of salads and vegetables. They love their garlic and hot peppers too. Their being is still very much in touch with the land which brings freshness and love to the food they make. Probably why the food tasted so good.

We had a lovely salad, chicken scnitel (schnitzel), pilaf, roasted eggplant spread, potato salad, carrot and turnip salad and grilled mushrooms with cheese. For dessert crepes with homemade sour cherry jam!


Photo from mamaliga (

Thank you Cami, Nina and Mirela – we had a great night! Nina and Mirela – hope you had a good flight back and enjoyed your stay in Venice.

Romania might just be my next country to visit as they are not yet ‘contaminated’ by mass tourism. There is a direct flight from Venice to Bucharest on Wizz Air at about €50-60 return! People are warm and caring.  Family and tradition continues to be very important. Due to the political past they have had – they have managed to maintain much of their cultural identity and traditions and before that gets further diluted, I should visit Romania sometime soon.


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