Dalai Lama Tentzin Gyatso a Venezia


Well yesterday morning (10th Feb 2009) while on my way to the Citta di Venezia office, a stream of people rushed cross my path. They were carrying Tibetan flags and there was even a Tibetan monk amongst them. I thought I should follow them but then again I have some practicalities to do with the Citta di Venezia and may not have time to divert from my path! I continued walking..

5 mins later, another group of people crossed my path. This time with more flags and some Tibetans. I though if this is a sign – I should follow them now. I decided to do so and went all the way to San Marco Square to Biblioteca Marciana. The water level was rising and San Marco was already partially flooded – acqua alta. YES I had my rubber boots on. We stood outside and there was quite a bit of security. It was cold and the crowd grew soon. We waited for an hour. At around 11am the Dalai Lama arrived on a water taxi. There was a lot of press and photographers so I did not manage to get a good shot of him, although I was only 2 feet away and yes I managed to look at the Venerable Dalai Lama  face to face for a split second!

The Dalai Lama visited from Rome. He was in Venice to receive the honorary citizenship of Venice from the mayor.

To see him in person is an honour. I have never met anyone this compassionate and cheerful. He smiled at everyone and managed to give a nod and wave to all of us in the crowd, acknowledging all around! Well maybe next time I hope to get to shake his hand!

Photos are from LucioAngelini, Gazettino


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