Henrik’s birthday

Recently on Jan 16th we went back to Copenhagen for a short weekend to celebrate Henrik’s birthday. We had  a great time with the family. It was a surprise planned since Oct ’08 and Henrik only found out on  New Year’s eve that he will be flown to Denmark (courtesy of moi) to celebrate his big round birthday with the family.

It started with a big breakfast for the birthday boy on the 16th, his father went especially down to the bakery to get bread and good old fashion ‘basse’ – pastries! Later in the evening, the family gathered at the parents’ place. The mother had made canapes and we served ‘spritz al bitter’ (a Venetian aperitivo which is equal parts acqua frizzante, white wine and campari, garnished with olives and icecubes). To celebrate the event – for dinner we went out (ie Henrik, myself, his parents and his brother and the wife) to a nice little french restaurant on Vaernedamsvej called Le Trois Cochons ( . We had a ball of a time! Food & wine was great and we had a lot of it!

The following day we celebrated it again with a small gathering at Henrik’s brother’s place with the kids too. Of course we have had to have a ‘lagkage’ – danish birthday cake! Happy 40 Henrik!


**Recipe for lagkage (and other birthday cake ideas) please click here

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