Dessert Truck, location – NYC 40°N 074°W

New York city – which happens to be my favourite city. In 1995-1996, I worked in New Jersey – close enough to Manhattan for many frequent trips. Our office was in Madison and I lived in Morristown. With a couple of friends, we headed to Manhattan pretty often enough to shop, eat, attend concerts, theaters, museums, club hopping, the usual stuffs you do in a big city like that!  As you can imagine pretty much after this job posting,  I returned home to KL without much savings left! Anyway, I still follow the Manhattan scene once in a while to keep updated on what is the -latest going -ons.

New York, New York: “.. if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere”, which is so true!  A certain persons – actually a couple of guys by the name of Jerome Chang and Chris Chen did make it there and did it their way! (Sorry I can’t stop quoting from Sinatra’s songs).

Dessert Truck - Jerome & Chris
Dessert Truck - Jerome & Chris

Their aim was to make people or new yorkers happy, and how? By selling sophisticated and scrumptious desserts out of a retrofitted postal truck on the streets of Manhattan. Yes a truck – and not pretzels or hotdogs but senseless desserts for about usd5 each!

I must confess I  have not tried it, but just reading the article on an inflight magazine was enough to perk my interest ( I have an extremely weak spot for chocolates and chocolate desserts), came home , looked it up and read their website, read enough testaments on it and decided to put a note down in my moleskin, as another thing I should check out when I am next in town! Apparently one of their speciality is chocolate bread pudding with creme anglaise and bacon(optional)!

So there you go,  should you be in the neighbourhood of Park Avenue, between 51st and 53rd Street during the daytime or St. Mark’s place, 8th Street and 3rd Avenue at night – try it out and let me know – was it worth it?

Molten Chocolate CakeWebsite:


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