Happy 2009 from Venice, Italy

Love2009 sceneWhat a year 2008 has been for us – hectic with a lot of changes! We relocated twice, 1st from Dubai to KL in May and then from KL to Venice in Sept, a  minor healthscare in June and a professional career change for both of us . Henrik and I left our previous company – Maersk. Henrik joined Inchcape hence our move to Venice and I, taking this breather to ponder on how to make my hobby a career.  Hence as a symbolic gesture for the new year, which we hope will be less hectic on the professional and personal front – we decided instead to have a quiet New Year’s eve.

love-2On 31st Dec afternoon, we took a walk to check out San Marco’s square to see the stage they have built for the concert later in the night. The theme was Love 2009 with a competition on the longest kiss. They were looking for 200 couples to volunteer, we decided that we will have to pass on that! Entertainment and music was provided by Doug Jack, Jessica Polsky and the Venezia Suona Big Band! The concert started at 10pm and after midnight Bellini was served to all.


We had a nice homecook dinner. I made a  fish risotto with chorizo and had Prosecco extra dry (Cornaro) with it. Followed by pork chops, pan fried with breadcrumbs, accompanied by warm mushroom sauce with leeks and topped off with balsamic syrup. For this 2nd piatti, we drank Raboso Cecchetto 2004 red wine. This particular grape is particular to the Veneto region. These grapes are of antique origins and this specific wine is from the area by the river Piave. Lovely ruby colour with a well body and a slight mossy pruney bouquet and maraschino cherry aftertaste to it. Because we already had so much food, we ended the meal with chocolate truffles from Vizio Virtu Chocolateria in Venice(http://www.viziovirtu.com/en/index.htm) with more Prosecco. 

pork chops
pork chops

Later in the night, we agreed with Janet (my lovely friend from England who happens to be my personal yoga teacher) to meet up to see the celebrations at San Marco’s. As the night progressed, it got so cold  that we opted instead to stay in doors until the last minute before heading out to see the fireworks. However Janet thought she might as well check out the concert, got caught instead in the crowd and only made it to Accademia bridge to see the fireworks. We were at Salute church to view the fireworks.. so we missed each other but we managed to wish each other a good new year on the phone!

Exactly at 0015hr on 1st Jan 2009 – the firework display exploded into the night sky of Venice. It was a spectacular show!  At the same time, it had started snowing a lot and it got heavier! It was a beautiful night! Maybe a sign of the new year to come, the world would be calmer, less financial upheavals, peace and security for all and love reigns!

For us, the new year will be a new beginning in many sense as we settle down in Venice. We look forward to a journey of development – spiritually, professionally – successes in my search for a new career change and for Henrik in his new company and last but not least, continued good health. 

We would like to take this opportunity to also thank our family and friends for their love and support and wish them a new year of many good beginnings of even better times ahead in all aspects of their life. Happy New Year – 2009!

Be well,
Sui Yin &  Henrik

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