Snail caviar – anyone?

Came across an article in ( on a new food fad whatchumaycallit – snail’s egg caviar. It is pink white coloured supposedly to grace many tables in France this christmas.

from De Jaeger's website
from De Jaeger's website

Dominique and Sylvie Pierru quit their jobs to become snail farmers . The next three years they spent on perfecting a way to harvest the eggs of their 60,000 gasteropods, being specially fed on a diet of herbs and cereals to maximise their taste.

The result is about 200kg of small, cream-coloured pearls . They are sorted, salted (using Guerande salt – best quality refined salt), cleansed and perfumed with rosemary essense before being packed . The producers described the taste as “the subtle taste of nature, experiment the nature of a walk in the forest  after the rain, mushrooms and undergrowth oak leaves hints.”

They are being sold  under the name of De Jaeger-Caviar D’escargot.

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